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For Immediate Release:

October 2014

Contact David Bouillez: (415) 806-9064

Paso Robles, California, USA


The Memory Box Project is a non-profit organization that is eliciting extreme emotion and response from the families of fallen soldiers.


     Founder, David Bouillez, and Board members are working 7 days a week to raise awareness about the need for support in the military family community.  Donations from private and public sponsors provide Bouillez with the materials needed to produce rich, cherry wood memory boxes that can hold mementos like photos, letters, medals, Etc. for future generations to cherish.


 Each box is presented to a family who has requested one and who has lost a loved one KIA in recent conflicts overseas.  The reaction of these families is so moving that it drives this non-profit to create more boxes and request further funding.


So many Americans have heard the numbers.  6,812 dead.   But what does a number mean when you’ve never seen a face? These men and women have families, some have children and they are hurting.  Our nationwide community has been coming together to raise money to gift these families with a way to remember.



So far, Bouillez has received over 1,000 requests for Memory Boxes.  Fallen Soldier Memorabilia Boxes is working hard to fulfill what they can.  “Donations large and small keep us moving forward, but are coming in slow” says Bouillez.  “We are hoping to create some new relationships in the next year that will bring progress and more donations.  We rely heavily on event fundraisers through various organizations.” Each donation is tax deductible.  EIN 46-2166640.



David Bouillez is a master wood worker with over 30 years of experience.  Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently residing in Paso Robles, California.  David felt great sorrow for the loss of lives of our countries young men and women. To express his gratitude for their sacrifice, he conceived the idea for this project. Bouillez has given everything he has to continue his efforts for these families, even selling his pickup truck to fund his mission.


Each box is hand crafted by David himself and is made with only the highest quality materials.  From each piece of wood to each handle, these boxes are created to last for many lifetimes. Memory Boxes are gifted to families of fallen soldiers KIA in the recent gulf wars and are funded by sponsorships and private donations.  The boxes are available for purchase as well to any family looking to commemorate their hero.


If you would like to learn of the most recent Fallen Soldiers, visit   Follow at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you, or your organization, would like to help Fallen Soldier Memorabilia Boxes, Inc. host an event to fundraise please email them a





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