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The Memory Boxes

These keepsake boxes are "gifts" funded with private and public donations for families of American soldiers who were KIA in Iraq or Afghanistan.
They are also available for purchase for all service members from past and present wars.
Handmade by the talented David Bouillez, these heirlooms are made with craftsmanship and precision.  They are a representation of the sacrifice of every soldier and the commitment in every love one who has lost a soldier. 
The biggest tradgedy in war is the forgotten.   



​We have found that many families want to honor their Fallen Soldiers memory by keeping their mementos displayed and close by. We have designed keepsake boxes just for this purpose. The ultimate goal is through donations, to give one box to every family that has lost a loved one, KIA, in the wars of Iraq or Afghanistan to show our appreciation and gratitude not only for the sacrifice of the fallen Soldiers but also that of their families.​


Memory Boxes are American made in California with American made products.   They are produced using solid cherry wood in a sustainable manner since we use salvaged trees and reclaimed wood when available. They are handcrafted with tongue and groove joinery, pewter handles on the sides, and are stained and lacquered for a lasting finish. The top is engraved with an American flag, an appropriate insignia, a fallen soldier silhouette and  the words “All gave some, Some gave all". The front of  each box is personalized with the Name, Rank, Branch of Service and the dates of birth and passing of the Fallen Soldier.

Approximate dimensions are 16″ Wide x 10″ Deep x 8″ High.

David Bouillez is a master wood worker with over 30 years of experience. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, he currently lives in Paso Robles, California. David felt great sorrow for the loss of lives of the young service men and women. To express his gratitude for their sacrifice, he conceived the idea for this project.

Fallen Soldier Memorabilia Boxes, Inc.  also includes a collaboration of individuals that have contributed their time and talents to make it what it is today. Thank you to everyone that has supported Memory Box Project!

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